Music - Pop & Jazz

At Universel College - Gatineau Campus, it is possible to develop your musical talents and to succeed in your studies

Programme Musique pop et jazz

The new option of Pop and Jazz music, wants to be an innovative program in the teaching of music at the college level.

This inclusive approach is inspired by the new reality of the work of the musician for whom the computer has become a necessary tool for both the production and marketing of his music.

The program offers

A traditional musical training – instrumental, auditive and theoretical, a common repertoire always considered to be essential, supported and enriched by the technological contribution which has become increasingly necessary to pursue a career in music.

The limited number of participants in the program makes possible a high quality supervision which allows you to develop your creativity and to achieve your own objectives bearing in mind your interests and talents.

Admission to the program

  • To meet the general conditions of college admission of the Quebec ministry of education, higher education and research.
  • To have the aptitudes and knowledge to succeed the music exams during hearings.

Audition book

 SingingCords and windsBattery
TechniqueTo be familiar with the technique of breathing with the support of the diaphragm
  • Ranges and arpeggios Major up to 2 sharps and 2 flat
  • Range blues in Sib concert and it’s relative (Sol blues)
  • Major and minor chords
  • Rod handling
  • Independence and coordination
  • execution of some basic rudiments
Repertoire *
  1. Blues
  2. Standard jazz or latin play
Sight readingShort musical excerpt with simple rythmingReading capacity in 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 and 6/8 with figure ofnotes going until semiquaver and triplet
ImprovisationTo perform a vocal style of scat solo improvised bluesTo perform an improvised solo of blues

* Recommended titles (the accompanying frames are suggested)


Blue Monk


All of me
Autumn leaves
Just friends
How high the moon
Take the A train


Blue bossa
Black orpheus
The girl from Ipanema
How insensitive

Some university perspectives

With a DCS in music, you will have access to several university programs leading to a Bachelor’s degree

If you wish to pursue music studies, you will choose, inter alia, among the following disciplines: interpretation, composition, teaching, musicology

If you decide not to continue in music studies, you can choose to enroll in one of these human sciences programs mainly education, law and communication.

Come and live the « Student for a day » experience. You will get the chance to live a typical day of our college student. A student will welcome you at the college gate and be your companion all day long;