MUSIC (501.A0)

MUSIC (501.A0)

Offered in French and English

2 years


2x DEC


Music carries you away and is what you live for?

Perfect, because Collège Universel offers a unique program in Outaouais: the College Diploma in Pop and Jazz Music.

After successfully completing the preliminary audition, you can enjoy a comprehensive music program that will give you the opportunity to live out your passion to the fullest. This 2-year pre-university program is also offered as a 3-year double College Diploma program, by combining the following: music and social sciences, music and sciences or music and arts, literature and communications.

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As the only private bilingual college in the region, Collège Universel gives you the opportunity to discover the digital technology that shapes a musician’s new work reality. This is what you have been waiting for: comprehensive training that allows you to create with the proper tools. Once you have completed the program, you will have the knowledge necessary to be successful in the music business!

Why choose Collège Universel’s Pop and Jazz Music Program?


Audition with a group of people who are just as passionate as you.


Have access to the constant support and availability of the teaching staff.


Show off your talent at the show put on at the end of your program.


Enjoy personalized coaching and guidance to help you develop your talents and reach your academic and musical goals.


The Pop and Jazz Music Program gives you the opportunity to get traditional music training (including an instrumental component, an auditory and theoretical component and common core courses) while acquiring the necessary technological knowledge to pursue a music career.

University prospects

With a College Diploma in Music, you will have access to several university programs leading to a Bachelor’s degree.

If you want to pursue your music studies, you can namely choose among the following options: interpretation, composition, teaching and musicology.

If you decide not to continue in music, you can register in a social sciences program, namely education, law and communications.

Moreover, if you decide to complete a double College Diploma combining music and one of our other pre-university programs, you will have access to a variety of university programs while developing your passion.

Course curriculum

Course curriculum: 2018-2020 cohort

At Collège Universel, you can also...

Be part of a high-level sports team.

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Take an active role in numerous extracurricular activities.

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Take advantage of facilities at the cutting edge of technology.

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Get personalized guidance and counselling from the teaching staff.

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To be admitted into the Pop and Jazz Music Program, you must meet the Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s basic requirements for college students.

You must have the skills and knowledge needed to successfully complete the music exams during the auditions.


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