Insurance and Financial Services Consulting

Insurance and Financial Services Consulting

Offered in French and English

Two years (1875 hours)


Are you fascinated by financial services and insurance? This program will teach you all about it!

The new ACS program in Insurance and Financial Services Consulting is offered exclusively by Collège Universel in Outaouais!

Collège Universel is the only bilingual private college in Outaouais, and the region’s only institution offering this program. The Insurance and Financial Services Consulting program equips students with three important skillsets: an in-depth understanding of the insurance and financial services industries, the ability to design specific products and services in these fields, and tools for communicating effectively and managing their career.

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After completing this ACS program, you will be able to perform the following professional work:

  • promote and sell insurance and financial products for an institution or brokerage;
  • serve as a client representative;
  • analyse clients’ needs and objectives;
  • develop programs and recommendations for insurance or financial services
  • analyse risks and the details of insurance applications in order to determine whether they should be accepted;
  • settle and follow up insurance claims.

Why choose the ACS in Insurance and Financial Services Consulting at Collège Universel?


To benefit from the only Government of Quebec-recognized ACS program in Insurance and Financial Services Consulting in the Outaouais region.


To acquire expertise in financial services, insurance, losses, investments, etc.


To become a professional in an interesting, dynamic and essential field.


To develop the right skills for providing exceptional customer service and giving clients sound advice.


To find an internship that will allow you to apply your new skills.

ACS in Insurance and Financial Services Consulting

Over the course of your training you will acquire a variety of skills. Among other things, you will learn how to analyse different insurance products, work within the legal and regulatory framework of the financial services and insurance industries, settle an insurance claim, determine the impact of decisions on personal finances, recommend and sell personal insurance, savings and investment products, and much more!

Career prospects

Bank clerk
Financial services and insurance clerk
Financial products sales representative
Expert in insurable losses
Insurance agencies or brokerages
Insurance companies

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Take advantage of facilities at the cutting edge of technology.

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Get personalized guidance and counselling from the teaching staff.

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Program admission

Admission requirements

To be admitted into the ACS in Insurance and Financial Services Consulting, you must satisfy one of these conditions :

  1. To have a diploma of vocational studies (DVS/DEP) which grants the applicant sufficient knowledge and training related to this program of study ;
  2. To have a training deemed sufficient by the College and meet the following conditions:
    • candidates must have interrupted their studies for at least two consecutive sessions or a full academic year;
    • have completed at least one year of post-secondary studies over a period of one year or more;
    • be subject to an agreement between the school and an employer.

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