Press release

Universel College, the only private bilingual college offering pre­university and career college programs in the Gatineau area

Gatineau -

Following the transfer of the pre­university and technical educational permit from Nouvelles Frontières, the Universel College – Gatineau Campus asserts its mission of promoting academic excellence while nurturing personal growth through its focus on the individual and international scope. “Our priority is to ensure that each member of our community develops his full potential while reaching his academic or professional objectives in a human focussed environment” states Mrs. Saloua Zraida, General Manager of Universel College.

Gatineau stepping stones to a bright future

As of next fall, the Universel College – Gatineau Campus will add an English language component to its full range of pre­university and career programs thus enabling the retention of English speaking students in the area.

The following values are promoted on a daily basis by the staff and faculty:

  • Excellence in the process of surpassing oneself
  • Support in the quest to reach one’s goals
  • Thoroughness and joy in the learning process
  • High quality standards in educational practices
  • Openness to others and to the world
  • The promotion of social responsibility and of ethical conduct

A new logo and motto in line with its rich heritage

BRINGING KNOWLEDGE AND SPIRIT TO LIFE perfectly resumes the mission of the Universel College. The shape of the logo recalls the globe of the old logo thus confirming the institution’s openness to the world, but mainly underlining its single­minded purpose of supporting the complete individual. The C and U initials intersect each other to illustrate the synergy of knowledge and the colour green to illustrate renewal. The whole recalls the seal of excellence used by the most prestigious of international education institutions.

Fall admissions in full swing

“We are proud to be the only private bilingual college that offers pre­university and career programs to students in the Gatineau area. Our fall admissions process is in full swing and we look forward to helping students that are seeking to reach their full potential in a tightly­knit, human scale environment avoid having to move outside of the region in order to complete their studies” concludes Mrs. Zraida.


Saloua Zraida
General Manager
Universel College
819 503­2400
[email protected]