R grade

R grade


The R grade is the recognized performance grade for collegiate studies. It is used to evaluate the academic record of students and used by Quebec universities that want to select among application files to restricted enrolment programs.

It was created to circumvent the strategy of some students who applied to colleges that were said to be weaker to obtain better results, thus giving them the chance to be accepted into restricted enrolment programs.

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The R grade combines two pieces of information for each course followed by a college student :


The ranking of the student’s grade compared to his or her group;


The strength of the student’s group.

This grade allows the student who is in a strong group to obtain a high R grade. Even if the student changes college, study program or group, the grade obtained for each course will be corrected by the indicator of the group in which the student will have been evaluated.

As the following example shows, the R grade of a successful student will change whether he or she is in a weak, average or strong group.

Class A
Class B
Class A
1 75 80 92
2 62 82 84
3 85 75 82
4 94 94 94
5 90 55 72
6 72 95 83
7 50 86 91
8 67 88 70
9 73 79 94
10 84 76 96
Group average 75,2 81 85,8
Standard deviation 13,5 11,5 9,2
Group average in high school 76 82 88
R grade of student No. 4 32,326 33,172 34,077

For more information on how the R grade is used at the collegiate level, please read this document created by Quebec university chancellors.