Why choose our college for your study project in Canada?

Quebec provides students with an efficient and unique college system that leads to a State diploma whose quality is recognized: the College Diploma or DEC.

Depending on your study project, you can get ready for university after two years of pre-university studies or find a job after three years of technical studies that will help you acquire strong skills. Studying in Quebec also means evolving in a warm and welcoming society and living in an open and safe environment.

Choosing our College is being part of the only bilingual establishment in Outaouais; all of our study programs are offered in French and English. Each year, many students from outside of Canada join Collège Universel’s great community.

You allow our private international institution to build a beautiful multicultural mosaic fostering openness to others and the world. The College is renowned among foreign students for offering high quality training programs, a friendly living environment and all the resources needed to make your integration in Quebec a success.

Being part of our College is studying in Outaouais, in the greater National Capital Region, close to Ottawa and Ontario. You will get to live in the beautiful city of Gatineau, which has managed to stand out from other Quebec and Canadian cities through its Francophone character, its high level of bilingualism and its population that is strongly impregnated by the multiple cultures that shape it.

For more information on Gatineau and the Outaouais region:

City of Gatineau website

To study at Collège Universel

Step 1: Apply

Fill out an application form online and pay the file set-up fees

Step 2: Provide the necessary documents

Send readable copies and copies of the original documents below by email at the following address If they are not in French, these documents must be accompanied by an official translation, completed by a certified translator. The original versions of these documents must be presented upon your arrival at the College:


Birth certificate;


Academic results of the last three years of secondary studies (mandatory);


Academic results of postsecondary studies (if applicable);


Most recent diplomas and certificates.

Step 3: Obtain the Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) and study permit

After analyzing your file, if you meet all the necessary requirements, the Registrar’s Office will send you a confirmation of admission to the College. You can then make a request to obtain the CAQ:

Online CAQ request for studies

Once you have obtained the CAQ, you must obtain the study permit:

Online study permit request

You must provide us with the following documents before the start of classes. Please note that the steps needed to obtain the necessary authorizations to pursue studies in Quebec can be lengthy. You must start these steps as soon as possible to complete the formalities on time.


Additional information on studying in Quebec

Vous êtes prêts à venir étudier ici, mais vous désirez avoir plus d’information sur les démarches à faire pour y arriver, les possibilités d’emploi et les frais relatifs au séjour d’études…
Nous vous invitons à consulter le document Étudier au Québec du ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec.

Plus d’information


In order to facilitate your registration procedure if you live in one of the countries bellow, we invite you to contact the following addresses for any information :

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  • For all the other countries please contact