Yes, we are a private collegiate institution, accredited and funded by the Quebec education ministry.

Yes, we offer programs leading to the DEC (diplôme d’études collégiales), equivalent to diplomas awarded by public cégeps.

Yes, the college admits such applicants conditionally, based on an analysis of their academic record.

No, we also offer technical DEC programs.

Our classes are hands-on and use the latest technology, which makes our courses very dynamic.

Yes, most general and complementary training courses can be credited. For specialized training, your file will be examined to determine which courses we will recognize.

Yes, if you have completed a DEP (diplôme d’études professionnelles) and, if applicable, meet the specific program admission criteria established by MEES. You must also have completed the required number of units in the following subjects:

1. language of instruction: Secondary 5
2. second language: Secondary 5
3. mathematics: Secondary 4

All of our programs are offered in French or English. If you register for a DEC program in French, you can choose to take one or more of the program’s courses in English.

Simply complete the online application, found here: On Omnivox

  • The admission fee is $50.
  • The registration fee is $200.

Tuition fees for local students depend on the specific program and range from $1609 to $1659 per session.

Yes, our programs are eligible for government loans and bursaries for local students. Our professionals are available to help you with the process, if needed.

We will have a hybrid instructional model in a presentation-based format with small class sizes and physical distancing measures in effect, combined with online learning activities.

Yes. Applicants must provide a diagnostic report signed by a qualified professional and the intervention plan from high school, if available.

Yes, college-level students and those supporting them are eligible for a tuition tax credit.

No, the college does not have a uniform.