Newsletter COVID-19 23/03/2020



We have received several requests regarding the tuition fees methods of payment accepted by the College during the institution closing period.

You will understand that because of the current context surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and given the closure of the College until May 1, 2020, we cannot receive you in person and therefore cannot accept cash payments. All of the College’s services are maintained and continue to be provided on the usual schedule. Tuition fees must therefore be paid as scheduled.

Here are the three payment methods accepted by the College:

1. By Visa / Master Card

Students can give us their card number and agree to the amount to be taken over the phone. Please contact Ms. Corina Cedeno by phone at 819-503-2400. We will process transactions through our payment device. Please note that only Visa and Master Card will be accepted.

2. By bank transfer from your account to the College Universel account

Students can go to their online bank account to make interinstitutional transfers. You will find below our bank details in order to add us as a beneficiary. You must give your student account number (DA), as well as your first and last name in the “Description” field.

All the information related to the beneficiary and necessary for a transfer to the National Bank of Canada is mentioned below:

3. By direct debit

Students can send us a sample check by email indicating the dates of the withdrawals as well as the amount of each withdrawal.

Thank you for your understanding in the circumstances. We invite you to contact Ms. Stéphanie Goyette by email at [email protected] or by phone at 819-503-2406 should you have any questions.


You can email us at:
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