Social work

Are you an action person?
Would you like to become an agent of social change by submitting concrete gestures?

Programme Techniques de travail social

This program offers a practical and hands-on formation which will boost your skills and allow you to be an engaged citizen among individuals, families, groups or communities in handling different social problems.

The only SW program in Outaouais recognized by the government of Quebec.


  • To intervene in favor of people undergoing social problems like drug addiction, poverty, abuse, marital and family violence, suicide, etc;
  • To intervene in favor of individuals, families, groups and communities;
  • To evaluate intricate situations and elaborate solutions;
  • To operate with multidisciplinary teams.

To provide you with appropriate conditions so as to develop your skills for

  • making individual, family or group interviews;
  • facilitating groups;
  • elaborating projects;
  • understanding and disseminating social problems;
  • knowing the main social measures and resources of communities;
  • intervening in situations of prevention and support;
  • carrying out social interventions for individuals, families and people in crisis situations;
  • developing a professional and ethical identity.

At the end of your program

You can intervene as an advisor, intermediate, mediator, protector, agent of social change, or representative of an environment.

Admission to the program

  • To meet the general conditions of college admission of the Quebec ministry of education, higher education and research.
  • To answer in a satisfactory way a questionnaire aiming at identifying the aptitudes and the attitudes towards the profession.

Some work perspectives

  • Social service worker
  • Addiction counselor
  • Social worker
  • Socio-economic support officer
  • Probation officer
  • Sociocommunity agent
  • Compensation officer

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